Mindf*cks; stories that are seemingly their own until the ending (sometimes they stay their own), which is meant to surprise or shock you. When it comes to mindf*ck pastas, this wiki had some of the best. So, without further ado, I present to you the nominees for best mindf*ck pasta of 2013.

The NomineesEdit

Unearthing a Horror - Dracowrath

Revolution - Sshakenbakee

Days of My Life - Fryz

The Cosmic Destroyer - TheCosmicDestroyer

The WinnerEdit

Unearthing a Horror  - Dracowrath

Okay, I know what you all were expecting, and I was kind of expecting it at first too, but after reading them both over, I just have to say that I prefer the extremely cryptic, short, and well written story, Unearthing a Horror over Revolution. Not only was the ending just as surprising as Revolution, but it's just as atmospheric, the dialogue is much better in my opinion, and charcters are much more believable in a sense. Still, I suggest you read both and be the judge, because they're both great. 

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