Not only were there plenty of extremely well done poems that came out on this wiki last year, but just a lot in general. That's why the nominations for this took me longer than other, because the majority of them all had great poetic language and interesting stories intertwined within the fine lines. With that said, there were a few that stuck out from other.

Now, without further ado, I present the nominees for Best Poem.

The NomineesEdit

My Black String - I Love Scary Stories

Behind a Closed Door - I Love Scary Stories

Honey - IdealisticPrawn

Mirrors - Dustyfootwarrior

The WinnerEdit

Mirrors - Dustyfootwarrior

This was a tough one, but I just had to go with Dusty's. All of these were well written when it came to poetic language, but only Mirrors and Honey made me really feel something. Honey brought up some truly deep anger within myself for some reason, while Mirrors really made me reflect on things (Oh yeah, that pun was totally intended). So, when I had to decide between those two, I had to choose Mirrors. It was just plainly better written and had a lot of messages in it, where as Honey was rather straight forward, going for the more mainstream way to get people to feel deeply.

Good job Dusty, this is your second award from me in 2013!

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