There are creepypastas, and then there are sad pastas. They're both a completely different genre really, but each are very much so welcomed here with open arms. So, 2013 was a great year for these types of pastas, and these nominees are some of the best examples of that. I congratulate those who have been nominated, and I will give the winner a virtual cookie. 

The NomineesEdit

I Won't Leave You - FlakyPorcupine

Dark Emotions - Sshakenbakee

Deadly Nightmares - Dracowrath

Trichotillomania - Dustyfootwarrior

The WinnerEdit

Deadly Nightmares - Dracowrath

So, some of you might be thinking, "This isn't a sad pasta! This pasta is a fraud!" You know what, you might be right, but when you really step aside from the core story, and look at the protagonist as a person, you really start feeling for him. It's honestly a story about melancholy and what it can drive people to do, subconsciously or not, and the author did a great job at inserting this message without it seeming too pretentious. Congratulations Dracowrath!

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