Creepypastas, they're truly meant to make you scared of the dark again. While many creepypastas fail in doing so, there are also many that don't even try, and that's fine. However, for these pastas to send shivers down your spine and make it hard to sleep ht, now that's an achievement. Here are the nominees, for creepiest pasta of the year.

The NomineesEdit

You Are in a Room - CTstories

Power Outage - Moist Towelette

Nightmares in Dreamworld - MrFuriousramos (Yes, this was posted in 2013)

Frozen in Time - CTstories

The WinnerEdit

Frozen in Time - CTstories

Here's what's so creepy about this pasta for me; it's the simplest thing that causes these extremely creepy events to happen. Have r fallen asleep listening to music? Well, maybe you've had a already had a creepy alien-girl-thing secretly probing you. Seriously though, this will give you shivers, and you may never want to listen to music at night time again. Congratulations to the author!

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