This year, there were tons of extremely well described and detailed pastas, going into very vivid detail, making the world these people created for their stories even more engrossing. These stories ranged from the super natural, to the odd and cryptic reality of real life. With that said, these stories all have one thing in common; they're all well written in a grammatical, and descriptive sense.

Now, without further ado, I present the nominees for my Most Descriptive/Detailed Pasta of 2013.

The NomineesEdit

The Key - Flaky Porcupine/Frosted Flakes

Trichotillomania - Dustyfootwarrior

Nightmares in Dreamworld - MrFuriousramos

Arethius - TheManOfMysteriousStories

The WinnerEdit

Trichotillomania - Dustyfootwarrior

When it came down to which pasta would win the award for the best described/detailed of 2013, it really came down to choosing between Arethius and Trichotillomania. I had to choose whether I liked the odd realism of Arethius' word choice, or the extremely surreal writing of Trichotillomania. In the end, I decided that Trichotillomania felt like it had a lot more thought put into it than Arethius, which is why it is my winner.

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