There were so many great pastas that came out last year that got all the attention they deserved, but what about ones that didn't? These are the pastas that I had a great time reading, and I thought had a lot of effort put into them, that just didn't get the attention they deserved for all the great things they did. Without further ado, I present my nominees for the most underrated pastas of 2013!

The NomineesEdit

FEAR - I Love Scary Stories

Arethius - TheManOfMysteriousStories

Unearthing a Horror - Dracowrath

Deadly Nightmares - Dracowrath

The WinnerEdit

Arethius - TheManOfMysteriousStories

This one honestly wasn't that hard guys. Arethius is a great story with only three reviews. Sure, it's little lengthy, but it's an awesome story for multiple reasons. 

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