I love Nintendo because of their great game called "Super Mario Bros.". I played that game like 24/7. When I grew up my passion for Mario slowly faded away because I was too busy doing school work.

As I was digging through my stuff the other day I found my Nintendo, and I found Super Mario Bros. But the sticker was halfly ripped off. I thought my little brother did it but I didn't care. As I began playing, the main menu looked different then before, Mario's eyes were red, and the theme song was reverse like somebody hacked it. But the weird part that Nintendo didn't put the main menu song but the remaster version did for the Super Nintendo

While I was playing, the main platform was gone and the background was plain white. I died from falling but I didn't see it. A text said when I was about to play "Don't die or Bowser is going to rip your head." I thought it was a hack because of the way the text was written. I saw blood splatter on the wall, Mario had no legs and no arms.

At the background I heard browser laughing but the laugh was 8 bit. I saw Luigi's corpse. His head was ripped off. Mario was starting to cry, and his cry was 8 bit. When I saw Princess Peach, her body was torn and shred, and the blood was white. I thought they forgot to color the blood.

An enemy came out of nowhere, and ran to me, but before I lost a life Bowser ran to Mario, and ripped his head off. A text said "FoUnD yOu." My Nintendo system crashed and it stopped working but the third time I tried to turn it on a new piece of text said "Bowser will look for you. You'll die someday." I took the game out, and smashed it to bits.

Whenever I look at a paper or look at the wall that text haunts me to this day. When I sleep I hear Bowser laughing at Mario corpse. I feel the urge to commit suicide but I have my whole life to live for.