Mattel Football

The Game...

Hello, Anthony here. As a child I used to LOVE Mattel's Handhelds. Back then, I didn't know things could hide messages or be contraversial but of course, my childhood game had some in it.

The False Theory:Edit

The theory I have is that this handheld game represented hell. An eternal fate known to be worse than death. The fact is, Mattel Electronics shut down exactly six years after this game was realeased, six being a sign of imperfection is considered one of the devils numbers (another being 666) because its the number right before seven which is the number of perfection in the bible. Not alot of into was released onto the internet about it even though the company was very popular at the time. Some day they when bankrupt after a crisis, some say the employees where unable to do such a complicated task as to build a programed handheld. None of these are true.

The reason I believe that this game represents hell is because during gameplay; You are a bright light that represents a person, the dimmer lights are demons of course. Everytime you die you always go back to the starting point, either being left or right. Representing You getting damned by demons and have to restart your life. When you reach the end you still go back to the start. This represents your travel on earth. Each time you cross the line you get a point. obviously represnting the buildup of sin. Thats why when the game ends you get a "Time's up" kind of sound and goes black, Its like going to hell. The problem with this is that it is telling the children that there is no hope, which is not true... I think.


I don't have much time. Beings have entered my house and are looking for me. Please! Spread the word about my theory, Clearly it would not be true if these things did not bother to get me. Goodbye.