Darkness was the first thing I saw, before the rest of my senses started to kick in. The feeling of warm, sweaty, pulsating skin jammed against me only hammered home the dread that was sinking in. The air was thick, humid, and smelled of meat.

I began to gasp anxiously. The chamber of indiscernible flesh was completely pitch - except for a miniscule little crack of light above my head.

Without thinking, I began to desperately and mindlessly claw at the crack with the determination of a man possessed. From there, the clawing turned to pushing and shoving, as I wormed my way through a grotesque tunnel of body parts and shit.

Finally, after an eternity, I emerged. Immediately, I was greeted (and half-blinded) by a burning white sky of luminescence - I looked around, staring onto an expansive field of illuminated and quivering bodies. I opened my mouth in horror, but no sound came out.

As I sat and pondered my situation, I saw a twitchy mass bulging out from under a nearby corpse. It was a head - the eyes of this head darted around nervously, before staring at me in surprise. It was taken aback by my presence.

Noiselessly, he mouthed the words 'GO DOWN' to me before disappearing back under the field of cadavers. 

I began to contemplate fulfilling the stranger's request before I saw a sinister metallic wraith, glimmering horribly in the light, reach down and impale me through the stomach with its steely horns. No blood came from my wounds.

I tried to scream and protest, but then lifted me up into the sky. At this point, I knew that the fight was futile - I let my body fall limp and, as I was hurled into the black oblivion, I closed my eyes.

"Mmm," the woman said. "These prawns are delicious." _____________________________________________________________________________________

Written by IdealisticPrawn (talk) 04:08, January 31, 2014 (UTC)

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