(this is my first creepypasta, so don't expect much, having said that, feel free to judge without mercy. Also, sorry about the first post I hit the wrong bution at the worng time.)

(edit:o.k fixed up and now alot more readable then befoe. Also, I made it make a little more sence enjoy. :) )

Megaman 7 threatening Wily

Megaman preparing to kill Wily.

Remember the end of Megaman 7? When you finally beat that impossible boss, Dr.Willy surrendered for the the 7th time. Wily surrendered and Megaman responed with a threat on Wily's life. Who could blame him, after tricking him with the help of Bass, and taking one of his brothers to be used agenst him yet again, anyone would do the same thing, However in the hype of actuly wanting Wily dead for all the shit he put us thru, we never asked ourselves, "Why would Capcom put that in a Megaman game?" Well as you all know the Megaman series took an interesting turn. After Megaman 6, Capcom move to the SNES. The next game that fallowed was not 7 right away, but imsteed was called Megaman X. It had a new slightly darker story, set in the future humans lived along humaniod robots call Reploids, however some reploids know as Mavericks attacked humans and Reploids. Reploids then came together to stop the Mavericks, they became know as Mavrick hunters. The greatest change of all though, was a new Megaman (You know, X.)

So what does this have to do with Megaman 7? Well, Megaman X takes place in the future so at frist glance not much, however Megaman 6's ending has Wily in jail. The world is safe for the most part, however in X it's far from safe. This could mean that the X storyline might have been it's own world altogether at this point. Capcom needed a way to tie-in the worlds of Megaman and X together, it's safe to say they sought this with Megaman 7. Megaman looked a little more like X, even had an armor that look like X's. (Although differn't due to Rush, Megaman's fateful robo K-9 pal.) No dobut 7 was intened to be a prequel, so how would it do this? Looking back at the end of Megaman 7, Megaman claims that he is, "more then just a robot!". It's hard to say that Megaman was jut a robot to begain with, he is suggesting that he can make a desion to ignore orders. Comibe that with the fact he still threatening Wily, Megaman is heading down a strange path, one that may bring him into being the frist Maverick.    

I know what you're thinking, that's bullshit Megaman wouldn't really kill Dr.Wily, he a hero. Well think about this The main guy in Megaman, Keniji Inafune, was going to design the new Megaman. It wasn't going to be X orginaly, but Zero was to be the new Megaman. So Megaman X would have taken a differn't route altogether story wise. Zero would have ben the Hero for sure, as for the new badguy maybe it would have been Megaman as aposed to Sigma leading the Mavrick Rebelion. With the hints by Capcom that Wily made Zero, that not only would he be hunting Mavricks, he would also be avenging his creator. Megaman 7 would have then been a prequal explaining what happened before, of course Megaman X never went down this road. The idea of Megaman being a main baddie did manifst in Zero's own game series. Although it trun out to be a clone of X, the idea was still there.  

So with that change the story, Megaman X has become what we know today. This does leave a silght flaw with the connection to megaman 7, a loop hole is left within both series. 7 has Wily live being saved by Bass, leaving things in a cliff hanger. If 7 is to be looked at as the ending to the Megaman Wily would have to die, or be unable to work on robots somehow. Maybe at some point 7 might have been thought up as a 2 part story, and would be finished with Megaman 8 ending with the death of Wily. If this did happen could Megaman stop after Wily? After all when a killer kills someone they usualy don't stop at one, why would it be any different.   

Can you even imagie it, Megaman going around killing the innocent he once protected. Destorying his allies one by one, Rush his fateful K-9, Beat the very helpful brid bot, Protoman his younger brother, and Roll his sister. All close friends and all horrifically destoryed and scattered before a heartbroken Dr.Light, who wacthes as his dreams of peace slaughter before his very eyes by the very robot he could call son. As for Bass, the chance he would have joined him is just as possible as Megaman destoying him as well. He couldn't raise up to destory him having been defected by Megaman proves that Bass lackd that power. Also his loyalty to Wily is questionable, having joined Megaman at some points to fight Wily proves that. Bass would  do it until he was powerful enough to take on Megaman, if Megaman let him. If your thinking Light could just turn them off, I would find it hard to believe that a Megaman going Maverick and Bass would just sit around like good little boys...    

I just remembered, didn't Zero know more about Mavericks then X, like perhaps he had exerience with them. If he woke up after, how would he know how to fight Mavericks without any experience fighting Mavericks, unless... If Light couldn't stop Megaman on his own, wouldn't he seek help. He might have looked for something his old rival and former friend had left in store. With all the hints capcom left point out that Wily made Zero, maybe he was the something Light found. He would then sadly wake Zero, and help him achive what he was programd to do. This would have set in stone the series for good. Once Zero completes his mission, he beans to show signs that he too is becomeing a Maverick. With his good heart, Light could not bring himslef to destoy Zero, he insteed chose to ease some of his memories and put him back to sleep. He then tries to figure out how to stop robots from going Maverick, or to his eyes, going out of control. His answer was X, discovring that freewill was the best solution. He would die though never knowing if it workd, he would live to se the friendship of Zero and X, as they would fight Mavericks side by side, enduring the harships, and overcoming the threats hat are posed by the Mavericks... If it went that down that road.     

Wily escapes in Megaman 8, therefore the events that might have joined the two worlds have yet to happen. With Mr.Inafune leaving Capcom, we may never turly know the events that turly know what event truly brings the series together...for now. If Capcom brings the series back, can we be ready? Can we truly be prepared for an evil Megaman?   

For all we know, the events described here could be in practice right now...

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