Medli is one of the main charcters from the Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker, incase you didn't know. She plays a vital part in the game, because she later becomes a Earth Sage, and you need her for two dungeons. But, in the Earth Dungeon, we find out something very unsettling about her...

The Truth in the Earth DungeonEdit

In the Earth Dungeon, the second to last dungeon in the game, we get to use the Command Melody on Medli.  In case you didn't know already, the Command Melody is a song that is used to control things like statues for puzzels. All is fine untill you see what happens when Medli tries to be possesed by a Poe (which the dungeon has more than needed). When the Poe tries to posses Medli, the poe disappeares, meaning it cannot possess her. So, she is either dead, or has a supernatural power. Her conterpart Makar (who is needed in the Wind dungeon and becomes a Wind sage) can be possesed! If that isn't strange enough, whenever Medli walks by a Redead, nothing happens, but if you were Link, the Redead would try and kill you. Also stated by Nintendo power, is that Redeads try and steal the life from a person, meaing again that Medli is either dead, or has a supernatural power.

Other Unsettling Things about MedliEdit


Medli from The Wind Waker

Only four people in the game talk about Medli, and that is only when you ask them, which is strange. You would think the attendant of Valoo, (who plays a big role on the island) would be talked about more!  So, maybe other people can't see Medli, or maybe there is a darker story behind Medli? Maybe one day we will win out! 


A few Poes in the Earth Dungeon

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