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Here is the truth about the supposedly innocent Pokemon X and Y. Both of them are happy go lucky until you get to the special legendaries.

Read on and fear or don't and be forever curious.


You might be wondering where the Mega Stones in X and Y came from and how you were imbued with the power of the creature you caught when it never attacked you well that you can remember. See the truth is when it broke out it released a wave of power that only knocked you out for a few seconds, why else would it befriend you. Very few could've survived that power.

Whether you met Yveltal or Xerneas the power should have killed you. But instead it leads you to find Mega Stones, but why?

The reason is because the Mega Stones are a result of the strong Pokemon whose power they would drain to stay alive but the Pokemon would then die- not faint, actually die. Zygarde made the Mega Stones so no Pokemon were to die but there was one flaw, they needed a trainer whom the Pokemon trusted.

So you were chosen. You do not yet realize that you yourself are slowly dying every time you Mega Evolve a Pokemon. You have some of your life drained from you as Yveltal or Xerneas takes it and gains power. They will eventually be able to overpower Zygarde the only Pokemon that is able to stop them. After a while the aura break ability is nullified and even Arceus can’t stop them. He will try all he can but Xerneas or Yveltal now has control over you.

It’s as simple as the fact he makes you think that you’re fighting the elite four but you're really fighting Arceus. Your Pokemon scream for you to come to your senses but their efforts are useless just like you are. You are helpless no one can save you. Once you defeat Arceus your Pokemon will be absorbed by its power and control you to the point where your mother is but another opponent. Your fletchling nothing but a meal for your Pokemon and anyone you face dies. You cannot stop your Pokemon. You will break the barriers of Pokemon after beating Arceus. They will be infinitely leveled to the point where there are no other Pokemon that can defeat it.

You cannot control your rage. It controls you. Any anger you had in your life is now coming at you full speed. And there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Evil InsideEdit

You feel the rage of all your losses and the happiness of all your wins. You then realize which one you are feeling. it is fake happiness . No matter how many hurdles you surpass there are 1000 more and you feel hate for that weakness. You want to dispel it. You gain control and realize you can use this new power or you can discard it.


You embrace the power and decide to join your Pokemon. You turn around to see your entire family disappear one by one and they are begging you to stop, you can’t they don’t realize you can’t. You turn around and see the one person missing, your girlfriend. You’ve never seen her look so well.

“H-Hilda?” you say shakily.

She shakes her head sadly and says, “You're killing us, let go of this hate. It is beneath you.”

You can’t stop and just as you’re about to say it Xerneas appears and steals the anger from your body enveloping himself in shadow and thus killing himself in the process.


You choose to not have the burden of power and instead tell your Pokemon to stop it. At that point Yveltal turns around and puts you to sleep with hypnosis. You cannot do anything as you fall unconscious. You wake up to fight the elite four and they never stop coming...

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