Raocow Contemplates Cat Planet (Animation)01:24

Raocow Contemplates Cat Planet (Animation)

Moist towelette

Here, take a moist towelette.

This is my first creepypasta. Please add how I can make it better.

The Beginning Edit

I worked at Cap-Com during the course of the Mega Man Craze. My name is Zac. I loved the games that featured the blue bomber. But with work, came a negative. Tim was the most insane Mega Man fan I had ever met. He had every - single piece of Mega Man Merchandise you can even think of. His favorite Robot master was Bubble Man, and he'd go out of his way to mock someone who did not like bubble man. So one day, he told me this: "I found out how to hack a game. I'm gonna make sure everyone knows that I like Bubble Man." I replied "Uh... Everyone knows that." He said I was right and handed me over the "beta" of the hacked game. I told my friend, Matt that he gave me the game, and we pondered in our heads how much he would worship Bubble Man. It was a disk that would go into a computer disk drive. What we saw was... disturbing how much he liked Bubble Man.

The gameEdit

one day i was playing megaman 2 then bubbleman showed up. "NEYH" he said, then megaman exploded into HYPER REALISTIC BLOOD then he came out of the TV then yellow devil and then i died.

the end.

By The Honest mix podcast

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