Mickey's Book

A few years ago, I had returned from Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and I nostalgically wanted to watch some old Mickey Mouse shorts for VHS. Among all of the other Mickey Mouse tapes, I noticed an out-of-place Mickey Mouse tape labelled, "Mickey's Book". What was odd was that the tape's date was 01/29/1995, even though old, black and white Mickey Mouse shorts were being produced much earlier.

Using my old VHS player, I placed the tape into the VCR and pressed the play button on my remote control. The episode started with Mickey Mouse sitting at a table with a cup of coffee. When he began to drink his coffee, a loud knock was heard. Mickey, being excited, rushed to his front door and tore open a small package. Inside the package was a book with no cover and a letter that was apparently signed by a man named Walter Smith.

In a quiet, hushed voice, Mickey said that he will finish his chores first before he reads his book. He held up a list of chores written by Donald Duck and he rushed to a storage room with one light bulb, a mop, a lawn mower and a few crates. After looking around for a few seconds, he picked up a mop and walked over to Donald's bedroom. When he walked up to Donald's bedroom, both me and Mickey noticed the state that it was in.

The room was dusty and dirty, almost decrepit looking. But Mickey didn't hesitate. In fact, he calmly cleaned the room before letting out a quiet sigh. Then he walked down the stairs to the storage area and took the lawn mower outside. He did what you would expect from using a lawn mower, except for the fact that he almost shredded his dog, Pluto.

After finishing that chore, Mickey picked up a knife and started to make a ham sandwich. When he made the sandwich, he accidentally cut his arm and let out a loud shriek before falling on his back, causing his coffee to fall over and burn his face. After that, he finally walked up to his room with a smile and began to read his book. Every page in the book were filled with words from the list of chores and each time Mickey flipped a page, his grin got wider and wider until his smile got big enough to see his all of his large, bulky teeth.

During the last few minutes, words were burnt into the wall and Mickey's head slowly turned to face the camera until a loud knock was heard. Then the short cut to black.

Written by XxMinerLeviXx
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part 2:minnie then looked at mickey.

pitch black eyes were seen on mickey.

minnie then fainted,

with the tape ending.

i got a part 2 of the tape and entered it.

it was mickey with blood threw his eyes and minnie hanging on the roof with donald duck laughing as he thought he had control of mickey. but no. mickey killed donald with showing a ripped goofy doll.

i thought to myself "is that a voodoo doll?"

then mickey stared at the screen like he could see me.

then mickey said "im coming daisy"

with your reality playing.

then mickey got really creppy and died


thank you for reading part two. i spent hard on this even know im not the real owner and just a fan of this creppypasta. also yes i have not made a user so if you like this say it in comments and ill see it also link your youtube so i can sub thank you.