For as long as I can remember, the light of day never amused me, but the dark I fear it will consume me. Falling fast to sleep to a dream that I once knew that was obliterated out of existence. Warm I felt, but odd I saw, with my wondrous mind.

A figure walks towards me with a slight smile that felt unpleasant, it was odd for me to see this thing, this odd object of a being. He spoke clear but hard to hear for his words express to me. He tells me to wake up to reality and to never sleep or rest on his word, for if I do my date of death will come so ever more closer.

My mind can't describe what is reality to fantasy. My body works expired. I thought I could close My eyes I just want to dream. A simple dream could just make me fear to not a dream. why is that? I close my eyes in such foolishness that I believed that and that thing could just make me fear, fear itself. I want to just go to sleep. If I do dose that mean I will die? No, It's just a dream.

My Eye's closed, I felt cold in my imagery dream. I was Freezing cold, I notice that my body was tied to a unknown force. that this thing showed up in a black suite asking "why didn't you stay up?" "I hate people like you dreaming." "So for that I now own your soul"

My eye's widen! My body is shutting down! Oh god help me please. The Thing told me "There is no god! just me and only me"

My body is fading away to nothingness. Emptiness that of a shell

"Wake up!"

My mind is blank, the warm body turns cold. Im dying but of what?

"Your dying because of me," "I am what lurks in your dreams, to discover to eather kill of not to kill." "You've been gone for awhile, just your soul relives the day of your death a never ending Midnight Dream."

"I have to take take your soul to the darkness that will never fade nor shine now sleep in a never ending Midnight Dream."

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