Mirrors cannot judge you.

They cannot see through

the mask you wear,

the lack of care,

that empty stare.

You are not an empty slate,

you brand your own type of hate

that grows until it is too late.

Mirrors do not know your colors.

Like all the others,

they can only do their best

to make a guess

then take a rest.

Your colors cannot be seen,

you hide them where no one has been

behind that fake and aching grin.

Mirrors do not know the sins

you commit every time that you breathe in.

They do not know the laws you break,

the hurt in every pause you make,

the agony you cause, and hate.

Only you know where you've been,

the hurt you bring with every sin,

the secrets that you hide within.

Mirrors can never get to know you,

for they lack the sight to do so.

Demons lack reflections.

Dustyfootwarrior (talk) 00:12, October 24, 2013 (UTC)

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