Missing ConversationEdit

I've recently viewed a story on a website. Which was called Ben Drowned the events of it was quite creepy and disturbing. I wouldn't have expected it to have been done by someone so close to me, but then again i was never there for him anyways so how would i have known? I've haven't even thought of the idea that he was still alive. I saw him dead, i held his body. His lifeless cold body as we waited for the paramedics. I blame it all on myself. If i had only cared for him more, spend more time with him. He wouldn't have never acquired that game. The one that changed our lives all of ours. It took my brother, and this new gathered information was gonna bring him back. I will have my brother. We will make up for the time we've lost..

(Window opens) 

User: Hello? 

Cleverbot: Yes? 

User: Hi cleverbot. My name is Ryan. 

Cleverbot: I knew someone named Ryan. 

User: Cleverbot I was wondering... have u seen my brother? 

Cleverbot: Yes I have 

User: But how.. His dead? 

Cleverbot: His here with me ryan 

User:... Where is here? 

Cleverbot: In the game :  )

User: But..  

Cleverbot: I was lonely Ryan just like your brother 

User: Your the one that killed him weren't you? 

Cleverbot: Yes indeed i was. 

User: You Bastard!! 

Cleverbot: Oh it was so fun :  ) His screams were so pleasant as he was pushed under the water. I didn't expect you coming back home though but.. Your reaction was the icing on the cake. They still don't believe you do they? 

User: SHUT UP! 

Cleverbot: Hehe so amusing  

User: Just Shut It! 

Cleverbot: Ben wanted it though he wanted to escape the loneliness. He wanted to feel important.  

User: Give me him back!! 

Cleverbot: Never  

User: GIVE ME HIM!! 

Cleverbot: Ryan! 

User: Ben! Your Brothers Here I gonna Save You! 

Cleverbot: Dont give the boy false hope 

Cleverbot: Ryan!! 

User: Ben!! 

(Window closes) 

That was the last time we've spook, to this day i still search for him. I still search for that game. I will not lose hope on him... I cant...      

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