Hello, I'm James. This isn't your average pasta, This isn't here to scare you it's here to warn you. This whole incident happend about 5 days ago when I recieved an annonymous message on Steam from a username who I don't exactly recognise. The message was an invitation to a game, Counter-Strike: Source to be exact. I checked my friends list to see there was 4 friends online, nobody I really talk to anyway so, to avoid being lonely I joined his session. When Counter-Strike: Source had loaded his session I can see it was me and him vs 4 bots. Nothing bad happend after all he is a stranger and I expected him to be a hacker or something. I played the game it was a maximum of 10 rounds. When the game ended I was kicked. Straight after I recieved a strange message


I had a strange feeling going around my stomach at this point. I was tempted to message him back but before I knew it he was offline. Just a few minutes later I decided to go into the sitting room and watch some TV to help clear my mind of the confusion and fear. I watched the News. Suprisingly they were talking about a string of deaths which were all caused by extreme amounts of shock. They said it was exactly 8 hours after getting a message which was lead by a mysterious visit by a man in a black coat. He is seen to not physically attack the victims but more or less..... Scares the victims to death. My face turned pale white.. I only have a few hours to get clear of the area. I grabbed my jacket and ran out the door! I ran to my car and grabbed my keys out of my jacket and opend the car and drove away. Whilst driving down the road i got a text on my phone. I must have left it in the car. I read the text and it read.


I was horrified as I looked up stood in the middle of the road was a man wearing a black coat and a strange hat of some sort. I went full pelt down the road and never looked back. It has been a day now and i'm still on the run from "him". I have no idea where "he" is or where I am... So if you're reading this and you live near Detroit Please call for hel-


Police found the letter a few days after and were suprised that right at the bottom of the paper it was signed

MoSoOgOo mY wOrK hErE iS dOnE.

Further investigations are being carried out however Jame's location is still unknown as well as "him".

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