Hello, if you are reading this it means that I am died.

One I was strolling down a dark alleyway until I was pushed down and savagely had my pants pulled down. I wasn't sure if it was night or die, but the moon was out. But that could mean anything being that the moon is just a hologram created by the reptilian aye lmao's known as the lizard people. But that's a whole other story. Usually when someone pulled down my pants they would shove their cock up my butt, yet this man had only shoved a piece of paper up ass.

As soon as I got home I removed the piece of paper, and despite the brown chocolate that was covering the words I was able to make out the text saying 'BBC.exe' knowing how much I loved big black cock I booted up my computer.

I installed the mod onto garry's mod and my computer kind of lagged, this was weird because my pc never lagged.

So I turned off garry's mod and never went on my computer ever again.

The end.

Ps: I am died so don't tell my mother about this or else she will kill me. So just tell her that I have gone messing

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