This creepypasta is about a monopoly version...that is the weirdest monopoly game yet...

9:00pm I wake up...As I always do, I check my phone for any missed calls. I had one missed call. It was from my best friend. I called him and asked: why did you call me? It was silent for 20 seconds and my friend spoke :I'm coming over to your that he dropped the call...

11:21pm My friend came with a shock in his eyes. He gave me a disk and said: DESTROY IT...GET RID OF IT...please...After that he left...

12:30pm I checked the disk feeling weird:what did he mean? I saw the writing: monopoly-black version. It was writen with a red marker. I got all strange...what did he mean by saying all that? My dumb brain forced me to put the disk into my computer. As i did my computer launched the autorun for the install. it installed very fast, but the weirdest thing was that the install bar was all black and the buttons had no text. After the install I launched the game, but feeling weird i decided to turn on the tv for some noise. The "hasbro" bar showed up but insted of blue it was red. The the monopoly guy showed up as usual, but his face was weirder than ever- it's like he was trying to tell me something. And insted of droping money from his hands he dropped some kind of glitched things that were almost black. I pressed start and the write your name bar came up, but my name was already writen. I felt shocked, but i played further. As the charater choose bar showed up i was with the dog figure. The first cpu was named "ghert" and he was a empty figure. I Chould not add more cpus for some weird reason: it just didin't let me. Ignoring that i started the game. ALL THE STREETS WERE GHERT'S... How did that happen????? I started going and when I whould hit anything, i whould get bankrupted, but for some reason it did not kick me out of the game it just keept going. The ghert guy never moved... Sudently the screen came black and a text came: you lost... Than a weird song started playing. I turned of monopoly. My screen turned black. Everything dispiered, explorer turned off. AND A SCARY PICTURE OF ME STABED CAME ON SCREEN.

19:00am My parents found me crying in the corner and they found the computer screen broken.

I am so scared of that game. If you ever get it.GET RID OF IT.

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