I sat there on the edge of the bed.

Mother always told me and my brother a story. 

Before we fell in a deep slumber. 

She would let her hand slide from the frosty window leaving an icy stain on the once flawless glass. 

Brother smiled and mocked me as I sat there staring into his eyes. 

I offered him a hug, he offered me bitter rejection. 

Brass curls twirl off the bed post as I see him in the distance on his bed. 

With his constant grin. 


Mother sang, brother would beat, father would leave. 

Mother sat down with me and my brother. 

She said how much she loved us. 

Mother locked the door, titling her head and making the gagging sound . 

Brother would lay there with his grin bleeding down. 

His teeth became sharp. 

And his eyes glew red as he came near with his long yellow nails. 

His teeth rotting away. 

And his face showing Skeleton features. 

Mother with a gagging expression came near. 

With her face all blue and purple. 

"Father!" I cried out. 

" what's wrong dear?" He would ask me. 

" I saw brother and mother again " I said. 

" honey you know your brother and mother are dead now". 

Only to see them standing behind daddy with a knife in hand.

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