Taken away by the wings of fate, murder is indeed a very touchy subject. Anyone would say that murder is not humane, but when we really think about it; what makes it inhumane? If the murder is an act to save another's life, or simply for you to stay alive in this cold world. Are we really one's to say it is wrong? We say people murder because of how they were raised but in reality science doesn't really know if people are born killers. It's a scary thought to believe so, but if we look at things with an ice cold eye, it seems possible. Maybe we say it was the way they were raised because we don't want to accept that you or I could one day be a murderer.

Murder is easily justified, but it still takes the fault as something wrongful. Every murder has its motives, some are for self gain while others simply out of protection. If it is protection, why is punished the same way as motives for self gain? We indeed live in a very confusing world. If your child was in danger and one person held his string of life and death. Would you want that person to die? We say no but that may not be our true answer. We try and say the think that sounds morally correct which would be, no death penalty because it is morally right to let people live. But in truth it sickens you that people are capable of comitting such crimes. The worst part is, murderers really can be anyone, it could be your friend, your own mother and father, heck it could be me, it could even be your best friend.

Be watch full of this world, I'm giving you the cold truth and that is the worst pain imaginable. Murder, greed, selfishness, power is all written in our genes. For some these desires are more stronger then others. This often results in violence. This trait is said to be part of the " warrior gene" that is found in certain people. These people get angry easily and are more violent/aggressive. You may think this is a rare DNA piece but its not, its found in 1\3 of people in America alone. These people are much more likely to be become killers. Your environment plays a role in behavior but the gene fuels the fire. So maybe you have the gene.. Most people who have it don't know they do... So be careful how angry you get, it might just end in blood. Its not this gene alone though, if your a killer just for fun the true monster is you. Not just some gene.

By.I love scary stories 

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