Ah, Tomodachi Life. A game for my own amusement. My own amusement..

Anyways, back then, I thought that Tomodachi Life was cool and I really wanted a 2DS and Tomodachi Life for fun. And then, God blessed me with enough money to get a 2DS, Tomodachi Life, and Pokémon Moon.

Well, let's move on to the serious stuff.

Anyways, it was 12:02 PM when it.. or should I say the scariest moment of my life happened. I was sitting around, just playing the game like normal. I'd already bought the new items and checked out the news, along with grabbing my 200 dollars in donations, so all I could do was solve my Mii's problems. Anyways, as I was scrolling Mii Apartments, looking for some problems to solve. And that's when I saw what triggered the scariest moment of my life..

It was the normal "friend" problem. You know, where the Mii wants to be friends with another one? I smiled, thinking "Well, she just moved into my island yesterday. I see why she wants a friend.". I pressed "Enter", to see who she wanted to be friends with.

I clicked the problem bubble, and she said "I want to be friends with DESIRES." DESIRES? Who was that? That wasn't one of my Miis. I thought it was one of my siblings playing a prank on me. I pressed the choice that said "I'll introduce you", just to see what would happen.

She did the normal: "What should I talk about to get along with it?" It? What was that? You couldn't make unisex Miis in the game. Everyone was either male or female in the game. I shrugged it off, and pressed "Something funny", what I normally would press.

I expected the normal cutscene to roll, but what I saw was much, much darker. Instead of my Mii walking into the room of the person she wanted to befriend, she.. walked to the Concert Hall. She stopped and said "DESIRES? His DESIRES? Where are you?" Disturbed by what I just saw, I pressed the button to go back.

I couldn't access the Concert Hall after that. Every time I entered, the same cutscene kept playing.

Then, I decided to see her apartment. She was at.. DESIRES KENNEDY. Desires Kennedy.. that sounded familiar.. but then I saw that I could.. enter it? I decided to press it, out of curiosity, then my top and bottom screen went black. And then I heard a woosh. The same woosh I heard the day I thought my friend.. abandoned me.

And then I heard.. my friend's voice. Along with the box that says what the Mii said.. but it wasn't a Mii. It was my friend.

The screen was completely black, but I could still hear it.

"Why did you abandon me?"

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