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The Pasta:Edit

You know what they say, you can't choose your family nor your neighbors, and I think that old saying is right but what if your neighbors could choose you?

I have this strange memory inside my mind, it devours my thoughts sometimes and I can't just forget it like that, however this memory seems so old and distant, seems like some kind of fog where I can only see some parts of what really happened, a memory which I keep as a childhood treasure and childhood fear.

I was born in a typical American house in one of those typical neighborhoods, I was a shy kid during my childhood and going outside to play with other kids wasn't even on my thought, I would rather stay home and play on my Sega Genesis and because of this my parents would usually get worried about me and my future, they used to say things like "Richard! How do you expect do get a job someday if you don't interact with other people?", at the time I never gave them attention, sometimes I wish I payed them some attention and went outside to play during those summer vacations.

About the memory, or maybe I should say memories, they're like small clips of many movies of my life mixed into one foggy and strange memory, a memory of a day during summer vacations when I was on my room just playing with some of my G.I. Joe toys and suddenly I hear someone calling me from outside, I approached my window and looked down, there he was a boy just waving while looking at me, I can't remember his face but his voice calling my is still alive in my thoughts and sometimes I can hear him call me in my dreams.

Next thing I remember is just looking down and ask him who and what he wanted, he wasn't from my school so I couldn't tell who he was since all the kids from my neighborhood went to the same school.

He looked at me and with a happy tone he said "Hi Rick! I am new here, my parents moved in yesterday, could you show me around?", I was afraid, how could he know my name?

I just stayed there looking at him with a confused expression, he just looked at me and said "My parents are now taking with yours, they told me to talk with you!", after he said that I felt relieved, don't ask why, I told him to look for someone else to play with but as soon as I said that my mother appeared next to the boy and told me to come down and play with Carl...Carl was his name.

Next thing I remember was me and Carl, playing together in my room some days later I guess, I felt kinda happy with him next to me, I think at the time he was my first best friend.

I remember Carl playing with my toys really excited and when he saw my Genesis he told me I was the coolest kid ever for letting him play with it, I became confused it seemed like he never saw a toy nor a console before, he just kept saying "Whoa! Just like the commercials!" and "I can't believe this is real!".

We kept playing when suddenly Carl started to scream and rolling on the ground, I remember getting up and starting to shake him trying to help him but he just kept screaming and vomiting all over the room, I got scared and started to cry, suddenly the door of my room opened and my mom entered the room and helped Carl, after that I can't remember what happened next.

However I do remember playing with Carl again, this time outside near his house, he looked weak and pale, his eyes were almost yellow and his pupils were small, I remember looking at him worried, his face becomes clear every time I think about that day, it was a sunny and hot day.

These memories are really nice and I kinda keep them as some kind of childhood treasure, however these memories are just the beginning, I remember going to Carl's house once to have lunch with him, I remember seeing his mom brought me pizza, however his mom told Carl not to touch it, instead his mom brought him a strange looking thing on a plate, I can't find other words to describe what that thing was, it looked like gray mashed potatoes with some pieces of meat mixed with it, the smell was horrible, it was like vomit mixed with onions or something, at the time I thought it looked like something made in a cauldron of a witch.

"Remember I won't accept this plate with food in it, so you better eat it!", his mom yelled with a mad expression on her face, she would look at me after that and smile, I was just a small kid so I thought since he was sick he needed to eat that to get better so I didn't bother myself with it, I just remember Carl, looking at my pizza while eating that horrible thing.

After that I remember giving him some pizza, he looked so happy while eating it and since I found his food funny I wanted to try some, the taste is still strong in my thoughts, it tasted like ear wax, or at least that what I thought during that time, I asked him if he had to eat this when he was sick, he just looked at me and said "I eat this since last year when I went to the doctor for the first time, that pizza was bought just for you, I rarely...or better yet..." he looked down at his plat trying to finish that horrible food "I never eat nothing besides this..".

We finished the food, his plat was clean as a plate could get and I couldn't finish my pizza so Carl ate the rest, I felt happy for helping him but that when thing became scary, his mom rushed into him and just slapped him face, he felt to the floor, I don't remember what she said, I just remember screaming and Carl crying with some blood on his nose.

Next thing I remember was Carl's room, a empty, dark room with a bed and an old TV, probably from the 70's or even before that, I asked Carl if he had some toys, he replied "My mom threw most of my toys away some years ago, she says I don't deserve any because I am not a good boy", I asked him what he had done to be punished like that and he just looked at me, I can remember his eyes looking at me and saying "Nothing, I am always outside or inside this room", I told him to talk with his father about this and he just took his shirt, the same shirt he used everyday, I just closed my eyes and joked "Dude, I like girls ok?" and when I opened my eyes I saw his body, his torso was full of cigar burns and other wounds, his nipples were almost two big wounds with some dried blood, "My dad is worse than my mother Rick, he hits me a lot and he's just a drunk piece of shit..." that one of the first time I remember hearing such a strong language in my life.

I gave some of my toys to Carl, we placed the toys in a cardboard box and hid it under his bed, he just hugged me and I hugged him "I will never have such a good friend as you Rick...".

I don't remember what happened next except that on that night I felt a huge pain on my stomach, I vomited all over my bed and I had the strangest dreams ever, even though my memories of these times are foggy, I can remember the dream like it was yesterday, I remember seeing a big face eating Carl's body, I think it was his mom's face, it looked so disturbing.

I remember going to the hospital on that night, the doctor said I ate something with rat's poison on it however it wasn't enough to kill me, my mom looked at me confused and mad at the same time "Richard where did you eat rat's poisoning and why?! Do you want to die?!" I told my mom what happened and she called the police, but on that night Carl was gone and so was his family, the house was empty.

I went inside the house with my parents and the police officer, I showed them Carl's room, his bed was still there, my mom said "How could they keep a child in here?" the police officer started to look for any clues inside the house, I decided to look under the bed, the cardboard box was there but when I opened it I saw something strange, all the toys were burned and there was a small piece of paper among all those those toys, it said "Thanks Rick I will go to Wisconsin with them, they know what I told you, they burned all your toys...".

I noticed some blood stains on the paper, and even today I still have this piece of paper, I never showed it to the police for its the only thing I have from Carl, like I said, these memories are mixed into one memory I am sure Carl and I played together many times during that summer, however these are the only memories I can really remember, thanks to Carl I became a new person, since that day I had more friends and felt more alive, but Carl was still a big deal to me.

20 years later I decided to look for Carl, so I went to have dinner with my parents, they told me Carl's parents were Mr. John Garrison and Ms Laura Garrison. 

They didn't seem like bad people when they met and they seemed to be very happy but above all, they seemed very rigid with their son, but they remember Carl as a child who was always with dirty clothes, they remember Carl's parents saying something about him being sick with a rare disease.

I suppose they weren't happy with him being sick but why did they treat him like that? There was no reason in the world for parents to that to a sick child.

I went to wisconsin trying to look for Carl Garrison, I looked everywhere and that's when it occurred to me, a phone-book could probably be helpful so I just looked for a phone cabin with a phone book in it, it was actually a hard search but I finally found 3 Carl Garrison, I called the first one but he was not the Carl from my childhood, I tried the second one and that when something strange happened, I heard this strange mumbling on the other side of the line, I asked who was this and someone replied "Rick, I know that voice, Rick why did you take so much time?" I became confused and ask him if he was Carl Garrison who used to live next to me.

"You know its me Rick, damn it! Why so many fucking questions you fucking..." his tone changed "I am sorry Rick I am just stressed out with my new life!" I didn't know what to say I just stayed quiet for a while the person on the other line just kept saying "Rick! Rick!" I could swear it sounded like Carl's voice when he was a child.

"I miss ya man why don't you come over my house, I live alone now and I bought a Genesis dude!" he kept sounding more and more like his young self, after that he just gave me his address and static was the only thing I could hear on the phone, I thought to myself what was I doing, what if he wasn't Carl? He knew my name and everything it has to be him! Many thoughts come upon my head while I was driving to his address which I wasn't able to forget.

There I was in front of his house in the middle of an old neighborhood, there was no one around and not even the sound of wind of birds could be heard, I was about to knock on the door when suddenly I felt someone touching my shoulder, I turned around quickly just to see a man with a big beard and some dirty clothes, he looked at me and smiled his teeth were all yellow and some of them were missing, "Rick right?" I nodded being carefully while standing in front of such man.

"Come in man, it has been a while hm? How's your G.I. Joe collection?" he kept laughing and I just laughed with him and went inside his house, as soon as I got inside Carl was gone, I looked around and I just saw an old house with all its furniture destroyed, the door behind me was gone, it was just a wall, I was screaming for Carl trying to find a way in my mind to find a logic answer but it was impossible.

"Hey Rick come here and check my room!" I heard Carl's voice and ran into his direction, I went up some stairs and found only one of 3 doors opened, I went inside and saw my old room, the same room I had when I was a kid but without the window, I saw a small boy playing with some toys, he was naked and his body was like an entire wound, his flesh was pulsing as blood was running dripping to the ground, only his face had skin, pale skin, he looked at me "Do you like my room Rick? Its just like I always wanted" he smiled, I just stood there with tears running down my face, I couldn't com out of that coma like state I was in, the boy walked in direction and hugged me, I heard a voice in my head "You'll stay here with me forever Rick, you will stop being my neighbor...we'll be brothers..." suddenly I saw my parents like they were 20 years younger, I just closed my eyes and screamed and screamed, it seemed like I was about to vomit blood, suddenly I opened my eyes, I was in my parents house, in my old dusty room, my parents were there but this time everything seemed normal.

"Richard, thank goodness you're ok!" my mom said while hugging me, I looked at her and at my father, I asked what happened, "You were found unconscious next to an old house in Wisconsin 2 days ago, we were able to bring you back, it seems like you fainted".

I went to a doctor and it seems I still have rat poison destroying parts of brain or something like that, its weird because I never ate rat poison by mistake again, he told me that some memories I have may not be real and I may suffer some illusion, this makes me think about my life, since that day I dream horrible things and sometimes I see strange childhood monsters and fears, but its all my brain all my imagination, even though their touch feels real and cold, and about Carl?

Well I wonder if he's alive, one thing happened though, my parents gave me a letter from someone called Carl Francis Garrison, the letter said "Hey Rick how is it going? I've been looking for you for a long time now, I've never seen you again since that day when I found the box with toys I gave you, anyways I hope you're away from your parents now I can't believe what they have done to you, anyways here my number, call me bro! Oh and next time I'm around lets play on my Sega Genesis!".