Written by: Skinny720

Author's note: Play the attached video in a new tab for added effect when you get to it. Not required, but I feel it adds to the overall feeling of my rather short story. Plus I love it so... yeah... Onto the story!

My Bestest Friend Edit

Danny is 16 years old. He is sitting in his room, hunched over, writing a note. Muffled screams permeate the room, suddenly, they stop, when Danny sits up and says, "You brought this upon yourself". And the screaming stops. He continues writing his note. This is what he is writing:

"All my life, I've had this friend. We are inseparable, even now as I write this, he is here, watching me write, reading every word as I do. We are never apart, even when we sleep. We have this... connection. We can tell what the other is thinking. We both know it too, we finish each others sentences and we always know what to do when we're bored. We are connected...

You're My Best Friend Lyrics - Queen02:50

You're My Best Friend Lyrics - Queen

Lately, however, he's been off... He's seen many shrinks. They attach many words to him, Bipolar being the most common label. I don't think he is. In fact, I know he isn't. He's simply insane, I can tell... I know things they don't. He's killed people.

When we were younger, we made a pact. We promised that if we sunk into insanity... We would put the other out of him misery. And I'm going to keep my promise..."

"No!" A muffled scream grabs Danny from his writing. "I must... We promised" He says darkly. He gets up and goes to his parents room. To the bedside table. To the drawer. To the well kept magnum. He enters the room again. "Please, No!" Danny yells into his jacket sleve, muffling the scream.

"I'm so sorry" He says, putting the gun to his head.

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