I remember when I was young and had gotten a Wii. Back then, that system was a world to me. I remember playing on that thing with my grandmother and having so much fun. Then I started getting other systems. I started play DS, DSi, 3DS, Xbox, PlayStation, and well, the list continues and is still continuing. Around that time, I started finding out about hacking. For those who don't know what hacking is, it is when someone tampers with a system or game. Usually they'll give themselves and ability to do things that you couldn't do in the normal game. Sometimes they'll go so far as to add an in game menu, a mod menu, that gives them the ability to switch abilities on and off at will. Most of the time they'll play online, and depending on what they do when they hack, ruining the game for many, such as using things like aimbot and godmode. It's was just recently that I had gotten my Lenovo laptop. It was the first computer I had gotten that was good enough to run games like Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offense. After a year of having it, I reminded myself of hacks and my urge to do so. It's wasn't long before I had lost many accounts, being accused of cheating, in other words: hacking. The annoying thing about getting these hacks is that usually they'll make you have to go through these surveys, which are pretty much endless. They'll most likely ask you for your email. Me being dumb, most of the time I'd put mine in, causing me to get spam in my emails. Then I found something. A website that gives you the ability to make a fake person. It gives you fake info of the made up person. I made one, copied the info into a NotePad file, and saved it so I could just go back and copy the info down. I started using it. Soon I had millions of kills on TF2, thousands upon thousands of Robux on Roblox, and many other things. One day, when I was just looking around on the Internet, not knowing what exactly to look up, I had an idea:

What if I called the number on my fake person's info?

I grabbed my phone and dialed the number, thinking some other person would answer and would be confused. I waited a while, and someone picked up. It sounded like a male. He had a deep voice, though. I mean, not unusual or anything. It was like an "old man" deep voice.

"Hello?" He said

"Hi there," I started to say "Is this Anthony Birdwell?"

He then said something. It didn't scare me, nor creep me out. It just surprised me.

"Ah yes, that is me." He said. "Say, are you the one sending me those emails?"


I took a screenshot of the notepad file.

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