Here is a dream I had last night, and I thought I would share it.

The DreamEdit

I was in a very long hallway, which seemed to be made out a very mossy stone. Water kept dripping on my head, and the pitter patter of the water on the stone was very calming. Eventually, the hallway began to become worse, and worse and worse. Eventually it looked as if it would collapse on my at that very moment A white glow seemed to come from far down this seemingly endless tunnel. I followed it until I reached a large room . It seemed to reach very far up, in a circular fashion. So anyways, the room was the same kind of stone at the beginning of the tunnel I decided to climb up the stairs, which were very long Eventually, the color of the room started to change The white light that had covered the room in the bottom seemed to grow...darker . The stairs stopped suddenly, and reaveled a hidden doorway, harry potter style The room was a dark red in color . Inside the room, there was a corpse, which looked like that of a re-dead from OOT. It reached up...grabbed my head...and screamed It was ear piercing . I hit the re-deads hit back...and its head snapped off. *head inside its shriveled up corpse was a little statue It was that of a metal rod .  and ingraved on the bottom was cordinates. I looked them up, and they seemed to be in Colorado But they were natuical, so I have no idea 67,89,90 the last number was 50 . The door closed to the room and I began to see a message on the wall . "DoN't TrUsT hIm".  The floor then opened up and I fell into an ocean. A lifeboat came and I thanked the man he said "no problem" I looked at his face and saw something disturbing . Most of his face was burned off, and it looked as if only one of his eyes functioned I wanted to get away....but then it ended .


This is what the re-dead looked like

So, in the commentsbelow, please tell my what you think this dream means. Also, I do have a copy of OOT, so maybe I should play it again, because of the re-deads in the town. Maybe I will find this mysterious person I should not trust in the town....who knows. But, it may just be a dream, as most dreams are. This story was also told first to ProfEyeborg, who kindly put all my posts about it into just one. Thank you Eyeborg.

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