I was sleeping in my bed, when I heard a loud crash. I opened my blurry eyes, and figures in white began entering my room. With no time to resist, they picked me up, grabbed both of my arms, and began taking me outside of my apartment. 


I got a better look at them. They were all wearing white jumpsuits, and helmets that looked like gas masks. The glassy surfaces of the masks were completely black, with only small light of reflection from the moon. They brought me down the stairs to the ground floor, and dragged me into the parking lot. In the parking lot, there was a black van. The side door slid open.

"If you assholes think I'll get in there, I'll fuckin-" Something hit back of my head really hard, and I drifted into unconsciousness.

I woke up with a headache. I opened my eyes, and noticed I was lying down in some sort of dark hallway. I tried to get up, but something was holding me down. I looked down at my body, and saw there were metal bindings pinning me against the ground. Suddenly, the lights came on and blinded my eyes. When my eyes adjusted to the light, I noticed sets of speakers by the corner of the ceiling.

"Mr. Roy Jacobson," said the voice behind the speakers, "We'll now commence your execution. Before that, we would like to hear your testimony. Admit your crime, and your death will be quick and painless. Deny it, then you'll be slowly tortured to death."

"This is fucking bullshit!" I yelled.

"Did you or did you not kill Elisa Goodwin?" Asked the voice.

"Fuck you! I don't know any Elisa," I answered with anger

"Okay, then. Slow torture death it is," Replied the voice.

The floor began to move. I now realized I was bound to some sort of conveyor belt.

"Here's how it will work," said the voice, "First we'll cut off your ankle, then sear the wound with a hot iron, so it will stop the bleeding. Then your calf, thigh, hands, arm, shoulder, and finally head. In that order. Once you are dead, your ashes will be sent to your family."

The belt continued to move until it came to a stop in front of a massive blade. The blade came straight down to my ankle. I screamed in agony. But the pain of amputation wasn't nearly as bad as pain of my flesh burning. I screamed even louder, now with tears in my eyes.

But it was only the beginning.

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