My eyes, I hate my stupid blue eyes, the way they leak, the way they close. Why would I want to close them when there is so much beauty in the world to see. Why can I not just let them be open forever, I'am not worried about losing sleep I'll teach myself to sleep with my eyes open. I have tried forcing them to stay open with my fingers, I've even tried sowing my eye lids but all of these things have not worked. I decided enough is enough so I grabbed a knife making sure it was clean and made a cut from one side of my eye lid to the other. The pain was terrible but it was worth it as now I can see the world in all of its glory. I love my eyes my beautiful, blue, all seeing eyes.

But there was one problem without the eye lids to protect them, my eyes started to dry out day after day my vision grew worse and worse until I had an Idea. My neighbor had blue eyes just like mine she wouldn't mind if I just borrowed them off her I mean that's what neighbors are there for right?

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