My Only Friend

Even with you we were outnumbered so it was what I had to do. We’d been through so much together… You were my only friend, but our time was up. We had a lot of fun you know? Caused a bunch of mayhem, and also made a lot of people’s lives better.

It really sucks that no one appreciated you like I did, and now that you’ve finally materialized everyone is afraid of you. Your life was a real bummer, huh? Well it was only as good as mine I mean nobody cared about either of us.

Don’t feel guilty for what you did with me. It was only fair that we hurt the people that hurt us, and helped the people that helped us. We played by all the rules yet it came to this. Well it was fun, to say the very least.

I told you to scavenge for supplies to help us, and I snuck out of the building with my hands in the air. All the red dots were suddenly on me lighting up my normally yellow jacket a bright crimson red. The rain began to drench me as I reached for the pin, and I heard your angered roar.

My eyes began to burn from the searing salty tears. To think I was feeling sad for something as big, and ugly as you. My finger slid through the metal hole with ease, like that’s where it was supposed to be and you know maybe that was where it was supposed to be. Next I pulled the pin away from my hand leaving nothing there, but a round black sphere. A crude smile grew across my face as I began to lower my hands, and said your name one last time before a loud bang was heard, “Satan”.

Don’t forget this for one second friend, no one will ever understand. No one will ever understand the love we shared, for you were my first and last love.


No one will ever understand.

Authors Note (Please Read)Edit

First I've got to give a HUGE thanks to the guy who made the awesome picture which you can check out, here. I know this story was pretty short, and I wrote it really quick, so I apologize if it sucks because I haven't read it over yet. Oh, and there are now 7 more pastas coming out by me this month! Hope you enjoy :D

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