Never ThereEdit

I regret the ways Ive treated them, the ones I loved. If only I was a better father. If only I was there for them. If only I had listened. This would all not have happened. I worked most of the time and when ever I was home I usally went to rest. I always felt bad about not spending time with my kids, but my wife always told me it was ok. That they understood our situation. Though I couldnt be there for them, I always tryed to give them gifts when ever I could. A while back I gave the oldest a new Xbox. It wasnt new for say, it was a refurbished one. A doctor from work knew a guy who sold them for cheap. Some scratchs on the case but nothing some white paint and gloss couldnt fix. I never really wanted them to feel like anything was wrong. So I tryed hard to get everything they wanted anyway I could. As for the youngest he always gets the games the other grew bored of. Which made it easier for me to buy him more since they were older consoles. 

Authors ApologiesEdit

Im so sorry but I just got writter block i dont know what else to write :( if need be this page can be deleted but if it isnt when ever this block is over i will continue it.

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