There's no point in introducing myself. Trust me, there isn't. Since I was five years old, I have been able to travel outside of my body. Call it an out-of-body experience if you will.

The thing is that I don't go outside of my body anymore. It's not that I don't want to, it's that I'm afraid to go outside of my body. It happened a few nights ago.

It was a quiet night. Not many people were up and the few people that were awake were either starting conversations in obscure chatrooms or doing their job. I, however, had different plans for that night. For that night, I would close my eyes, wander outside of my physical body and try to make contact with the worlds of Revelation and Genocide, two worlds that we normally can't see or touch.

As far as theories and speculation goes, beings that represent God, Satan and other powerful figures live in these worlds and the only way to contact them is through psychological and spiritual means. But as far as I know, only a few other people have made contact with these beings. Now it's time to get back to my experience.

After performing these tasks, I managed to phase out of my physical body and became an out-of-body observer. What was strange though, was that my physical body managed to climb over to the edge of the bed and just sat there. My body's eyes were wide open but unresponsive and it was in some sort of daze. After a few minutes of extremely uncomfortable and unexplainable silence, these slender, silver-ish figures walked in, about two to three of them.

I couldn't see their faces because even my metaphysical self was simply unable to look at them, but I just seemed to know that they had huge, bulging eyes. They were in some sort of huddle around my body and they seemed to be communicating, but then again it was just silence.

Suddenly, I was placed back into my physical body and for some strange reason, I felt paralysed like they were still there but I just couldn't look at them. After that, I stopped traveling outside of my body and I always keep my bedroom lamp on. I feel that if I don't keep my bedroom lamp on, I will have the eternal feeling of utter, quiet terror.

Written by XxMinerLeviXx
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Inspired by a comment by thevoiceofzeke at this post.

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