Anyone know about Need for Speed? Its a very popular game about racing. My name is Shiden, and im gonna tell you about the story of nfs.Wanted.

It was a rainy day in my city of Regina, I was on a livestream about someone handing out Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012. I was lucky enough to get the game. I got the game in my mail. and booted it up.

When I started, I had alot of cash on Playstation Store, so I got the Timesavers Pack, then downloaded some DLC for it. I got back into the game and went to the Airport. (DLC) cause I was bored, I did the Wanted at the Airport and beat him.

I was having a blast, beating Most Wanteds, racing and all that. But, at the last second of Number 1 Most Wanted, my game froze, I was banging my head against the wall, then I heard a Bugatti outside.

I looked out of the window and my jaw dropped, a Bugatti was right there, all white, with soft seats, I ran outside and loved it, It had a TV inside it, with a PS3. I got inside and was relaxed, till I found some dude, staring at the front, I pushed him out and he just kept coming in, why the heck is he here?! No, nonono. Why the FUCK is he in here?!

I got a pistol out of my house,and then he was gone, I was so tempted to shoot myself, but no. I played inside the car, and my game was corrupted, making werid noises and always crashing. Did that dude corrupt my game?!

I was so angry, I'd kill that person. He left a note on the seat, just saying gibrish. so I left it alone, going into my bed and resting,

I had a dream about that dude killing me, with a chainsaw, I woke up in the middle of the night to find my 3DS flashing black and white.

So, thats the story of nfs.wanted, Hope you enoyed! :D

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