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Before you read this Creepypasta you might want to Google search or watch videos about this game if you do not know about it, some gamers might remember. In brief, this game is like Conkers Bad Fur Day, adult themes with a childish layout, in this case the adult theme is murder.

The Pasta Edit

Unlike many gamers in the area where I live, I wake before anyone else in my home and play video games, it's now become part of my everyday lifestyle. This particular morning I was gaining some more experience points (XP) on one of the first games I downloaded from the Xbox LIVE marketplace. The game was called Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise (The game given the lowest rating by IGN), for me, the easiest way to gain XP is to replay the first level, but as soon as I skipped the screen where it shows if you have unlocked any new items, it opened up a new level just called "The End" and its thumbnail was the symbol when you haven't unlocked the area, but it took me to a target information screen anyway. The information about this mystery level that the narrator (who was in both games) was "You have just sealed your fate Naughty, prepare to feel pain!" I thought, was this some sort of nightmare level?

When the level had loaded up, I was surprised to see that the radar showed a hoard of hostile bears located forward from where I spawned so I started sprinting forward towards some sort of bunker. After five minutes of sprinting, I found the bunker and started running in darkness and somehow stood on some trap, then the room brightened up.

When the room had brightened up, all the targets I had killed were there and they mauling Naughty like zombies mauling human flesh, I tried every button to escape whilst this was happening, but nothing worked. I used to like every game I played, but now I have varied opinions on every game I play. 


The game

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