Well, nothing else good to write about, so let's jump into the wonderful world of creepypoems! First attempt so yeah, FTW!

He walks and roams this Earth,

Trying to find refuge and rest from the sin of his peers.

But man is not innocent,

And his wonderings are futile, 

He has relinquished all he holds near.

The sound is heard thrice the world over,

It is the sound of pain, the cry for mercy.

It is the plea for death,

And he wanders, searching for an end, roaming asunder.

Blood drips onto the floor,

She, mugged and murdered.

Her daughter, raped, cut into pieces and laying within a junkyard.

2 lives silenced, with no heed of the cost,

He, satisifed, walking off, cleaning the blood from his knife,

condemned to a fate of forever being forever lost.

He finds himself at a place with blood and fire,

To no end the suffering will come,

He does not know of the anguish he has brought.

He roams this land forevermore,

Never going to see the smiling faces of his kin,

Trapped in his neverending hell,

Walking this Earth, never again.

Sircalevara (talk) 03:48, January 11, 2014 (UTC)

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