Hello all you creepy readers. This is my fourth story on here so please give feedback and comments about my work. Also, no trolling or spamming please.

I first spawned in this world on a sandy shore, near a vast ocean. From that very moment, I was seeking for adventure but first, I needed to build a shelter. I chopped some wood, built a shelter and created some tools in-case I needed them. The thing is, I'm not alone in this world. There are other creatures out there in the mouth of the nearby cave but they only seem to come out at night.

They seek for prey. They are very dangerous creatures in fact, they barely look human. Some of them act like living bombs while others act like mindless zombies. Basically, I need to stay away from those predators and keep myself safe.

I have also died continuously without warning and my physical body would materialise itself in various locations. These locations would either be close to my shelter or somewhere very far away. Heck, I have spawned on a small island before and only survived for eight nights before I got killed by those creepers. It also seems that my items would disappear which would raise a question that only my mind could answer which would be:

Did they steal my items?

I have also met some more, friendly creatures. These creatures look like farm animals but there is another remarkable species that I have discovered. These creatures live in small, wooden houses and I don't mean to be racist or rude but they have large, tumorous heads with long noses. They don't seem to be able to speak in English and they don't seem to understand me either but they can trade with me.

The items they would trade with me would usually be things like a book or gunpowder but they would occasionally trade tools with me. But I don't think they will help me anymore so I have resolved to take action. That's the main reason why I am writing this because my plan is going to a last resort before I respawn. I've crafted my iron sword today.

I'm going to leave my unfinished mine to rest. I may not survive this upcoming plan. If any other human find this after my quick and painless death, I'm sorry I couldn't find you in person. Oh, and be-careful when night falls.


- Steve.

Written by XxMinerLeviXx
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