"Night Mother"04:52

"Night Mother"

In Charlotte, North Carolina, there is a diner. The sign on the door says it is closed, but the door will be unlocked. You can walk inside, if you like, but know that if you do, you cannot leave until your task is completed.

Inside, it will be too dark to distinguish any details in the room, regardless of time. Walk forward, do not turn left or right. The distance you walk varies but it is always longer than the building will physically allow.

Eventually, you will reach a stairway; you will know this because a dim light will shine at the bottom of the stairwell. Before you descend, speak these words: "I've come to make a deal with the Night Mother."

You will hear a sinister growl in reply. You are now free to descend the stairs. Should the light from the stairs ever cease to shine, you can try running. The Night Mother's children love a bit of exercise before a feast. Should the light not go out, however, when you reach the bottom of the stairwell, call the Night Mother. Then, you will black out. You will wake up in a small, dark room illuminated by a single hanging light bulb. Stand up. You will notice there is a wooden chair and table.

Sit in the chair. On the other side is the Night Mother. She will not speak. Tell the Night Mother what you desire most in the world. Be sure it is something you cannot obtain, because the Night Mother asks a hefty price for the wishes she grants. Once you have told the Night Mother your wish, she will stretch out her hand. It will be nothing but bone with rotted flesh loosely hanging from it. Her fingers will dig into your skull, and your mind will be filled with images of dismembered corpses, deformed animals, and aborted fetuses, among other gruesome things. Whatever you see, do not open your eyes. Eventually the images will stop and the pain will fade, and you will fall into a deep slumber.


An alleged picture of The Night Mother

When you awaken, you will be in front of the diner. You are free to go. When you reach the place that you call home, what you wished for will come into your possession. Now, every night when you sleep, you will dream of the dimly lit room in which your wish was granted and you must sit down in the chair provided. The Night Mother will give you a picture of someone. The following day, you will see this person, and you must kill them and consume their flesh. Be sure what you wished for was worth it, because you are the Night Mother's slave until the day you die.

Originally by BlackCleric

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