You know, it's not all bad...being a zombie and such. They always make it sound like it's some brutal infection killing you, when in all reality I never felt better. Okay, sure, my right eye was pecked out by a raven, but if that didn't happen I would've never met by best friend Tombstone who made a quite the little best in my eye socket if I do say so.

Besides my, bangs hide it anyways, and I think I'm much more attractive now with my pink hair and green, eye, and pale skin, than I ever was when I was human. My name...I think it was something with an "Ed," so I guess you can call me that from now on. I live in a Blockbuster video rental store, and I like to watch the old George Romero films, though honestly I couldn't get into the Walking Dead. 

Earlier today, Tombstone and I were trying to get a bite to eat when I saw a woman who looked like she needed a hand. But when I tore mine off, she just screamed for help and then her friends showed up. They looked tired and skinny, which probably meant that they were hungry too, so I went over and cracked open a corpse's skull. It popped open to reveal the gooey yumminess inside. It was fresh; you could tell because it was still warm and tomato sauce colored. I dug in and fetched a handful for myself, then smiled a toothless grin at my new friends; surely expecting them to just have a ball and eat. 

Instead, they just sat there crying and cursing me. I was confused by this, so I tried to walk over to them to communicate that indeed they were allowed to have some. 

But they just ran away from me shouting God-knows-what; hmm, maybe they didn't like Italian. Oh well, more for me I guess. As I began to eat, the memories came to me. They filled me with warmth, and as I ate more and more, they became more vivid and clear to me. This meal’s name was once David. I could see he once played piano, he once had hopes and dreams. I also saw the woman who cost me and arm and a leg to help...well, maybe not a leg, and I did get my arm back, but still. Then I saw a child, a little girl, and as she smiled I knew she was this man's daughter. 

I stood up and began tremble to as I sobbed I tried to cry, but couldn't. I felt sick, my stomach hurt, and my head ached. Tombstone’s caw echoed in the silence of my self pity and it was then I realized I was a monster. 

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