A photo my comrade took before getting eaten in a dark cave

I don't like this job. It's too dangerous, and horrifying, they don't even let me sleep. None of us can. But that doesn't matter.

Here, let me back up.

Our leader insists on stealing all the country's resources, making everyone buying it back. He's a horrible leader. However, a terrible moster has been roaming around the land. It says that it wishes to kill our leader. It eats everything it comes in contact with. Everything. Our artillery, food supply, even soldiers who toughed it out to try and stop it. What's worse, it mocks us by destroying others with weapons it's taken from soldiers it's eaten.


It killed our commanders, generals, it even beat our heavy airship. I had to warn the leader. So I went, but he wouldn't listen, and took the best weapon he could. It had it all, missles, a flamethrower, and it could shoot bolts of lightning. But that didn't matter.

The monster killed our leader, sent him flying from the fortress. 

It doesn't even look threating. Or sound threating. It just is. It has a cute squeaky voice, and is pink.

They say I live in dreamland. I say I live inside a nightmare.

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