Day 0

Hey there. This is kind of awkward. You see I'm starting to take this new medication and my doctor told me to record each day. I took other medicine both prescription and nonprescription. So I thought might as well start a day before. Apparently this new medication was never tested for any side effects but, with my condition, I'm willing to take the risk. Anyway, this is me signing off.

 Day 1

Things are going great! Almost perfect in fact. Except for one minor issue when I came across this man yesterday. He told me some strange shit about how there are whispers every where. Look I didn't really listen, I couldn't honestly care less about what the hell he was yammering on about. All that matters is that the medicine is actually working, sort of. I've never been happier in my life. Not ever since the incident. It's something that I really don't want to talk about. But I still can't help to feel guilt and regret. I'm going to have to tell my doctor that the medicine is working at it's full intent. This is me signing off yet again.

 Day 2

My doctor told me that I going to just have to live with the results until they make another medication. This is such bull! Well at least what I have now is still kind of helping. But I still want to forget what happened... what I did.

 Day 3

Nothing important happens.

 Day 4

Fuck it! I can't take it anymore! I'm going to start increase my intake. I can't let my doctor know about this. I hope for the love of god that this will work.

 Day 5

Everything is going better than expected! I feel amazing! It's actually working! Oh why didn't I start this from the beginning? I can't wait to enjoy today. This is me gladly signing off

 Day 6

Ever since yesterday my life was starting to feel outstanding. I could feel like my life is starting. I'm going to stop these logs until something important happens.

 Day 17

At least think its been 17 days. I honestly don't know how many days passed so I'm guessing it's like day 17 or 18 I don't really know. So last log I made, I think it was day 6, I said I wouldn't do another one unless something important happened and so here I am. Lately I've been getting this unnerving feeling like someone or something was staring at me. I can't really explain it... its just to strange. I going to start making daily logs more frequently again. Maybe I'll figure out what this "something" that's bugging me really is.

 Day 19

2 days later and I'm already starting to see differences... or actually hear them. At night when I'm in bed I can hear mumbling at the foot of my bed. I'm to scared to look, I mean would you? I just hope this doesn't get any worse.

 Day 26

To my surprise, the mysterious noises stopped, but I can't help the fact that I still feel like I'm being watched. Whatever is happening better stop, I don't know how much more I can take of this.

 Day 30

Things are getting even stranger. I'm starting to hear whispering, not only at foot of my bed... sorry about that I just thought I heard something.

 Day 31

Things are getting worse. I think saw what I call the "whisperer". I didn't get to see much detail but the thing looked taller then the average human male, with a pot belly, long lanky legs and arms, and dim light piercing yellow eyes. I told my doctor what I saw but he laughed and shrugged it off. Damn it! Why won't he listen?

 Day 35
I'm sick of people not listening to me. They think I'm crazy but I saw the thing again and I took a picture I have proof! HEAR ME! I HAVE A PICTURE!
 Day 36

Why won't anyone fucking believe me!? I have the evidence right there! Are you dumbasses blind?! He's right fucking there! Am I being trolled or something!? TELL ME!




The whispers, there getting to me. I know I'm going to die I'm sorry for what I've done Sarah, for what I've done I should have paid attention to where I was driving. I'm sorry I wish you were could be here with me right now. If any one finds these logs please spread the word let people know what hsadfffffffffffffffffffffffff

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