They're coming for me. Tracking me down only to obliterate me. Not just kill me, but stop my existence. Apparently, the world will be a better place without me. There's no point in running. They'll hunt me down eventually. Better sooner than later.

Maybe the world would be better without me. After all, in their eyes I'm just a mistake. I shouldn't even exist. I wonder if everyone feels that way about me. I just want to make everyone happy. And yet they hate me. Their sole purpose is to rid the world of me and that's it. The reason they exist is to erase the existence of others. They want a perfect world,a flawless world. But the world isn't perfect, the world isn't flawless.

I know they're coming. It's only a matter of time. But I'm ready. If it's going to make the world a better place, then it's worth the sacrifice. Nobody will ever know of me but I was here. And I will never truly leave.

They're close. I've only got a short time left before I depart from this world. But when my time does come,I'll face my fate head on. This is it... Th-s is the me... B-- a b-gi-nin- -o- -th-r-... Th-s... I-... -y... -e%st^%\~>=*...


Written by PixelDragonLord

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