Yesterday, I was on my private Minecraft server. Just building stuff in Creative. No one was online. I paused the game to get some water, then, I saw a player, full black. I looked on the player list and no one was online except me. I went towards the player. He corrupted my game then, I teleported in a world that I never created. Me and the player were on bedrock. I could not shut off my PC, press Pause, nor X out or crash the game. We had a short conversation:

Null: Hello there.

Me: What's happening?

Null: I'm in your computer.

Me: Why are you doing this?

Null: ...

Me: Please answer me!

Null: I am a virus. Goodbye.

Me: Huh?

Null: all is done.

My game shut down and froze with loud static. All my worlds were deleted. I pretty much uninstalled Minecraft and moved on. I just found new games I can play without remembering that cursed Null entity.

The end.

Probably a not a good pasta but this is sometimes true.