I had no dreams. I had endlessly stared at a dark void for what felt like hours. All I saw at first was the pale white ceiling, with a light brighter than the sun in my eye. 

I couldn't feel anything. Did I even have a body? What was I? How could I think?

I looked at the blue creatures.

Their eyes, black as the night sky.

The area where their mouths should be, white.

I observed my surroundings more since I could moving my eyeballs.

I have some sort of mask on my face. I realized I could smell, and noticed it was a terrible smell, worse than sulfur.

I felt a tugging at my chest.

I saw them taking out something. I felt myself unable to breathe.

It hurt.

They quickly brought a mechanical looking bean-shaped object.

They laid it where they took out the object.

I could feel my blood. Wait? Blood, what was that?

I looked at the walls. They were wavy.

I then realized I could hear something beyond the barrier which I was enclosed in. I heard screaming next door, with a stern voice saying "Falm Pound."

The creatures seemed to notice I was awake.

A knob on my mask was turned. I started panicking, no idea what was going on.

My sight was starting to fill up with green static. I tried to keep myself up, but I went into the abyss.

Where was I?

I woke up. The kind doctor told me the heart surgery was successful.

Note From the AuthorEdit

This story is about waking up during surgery. I was recently having a procedure done on my ear, and these things happened to me. I simply twisted it to be a heart transplant. I was not able to use any of my five senses until I started to think. A man who was severly drunk next door was screaming, and someone yelled, "CALM DOWN!" which I mistook for "Falm Pound." An experience like this is rather frightening. I was lucky the doctors realized I was awake. I laugh at how my eyes percieved them as aliens creatures. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed.

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