Opal was her name she was always a nice, happy girl, she was only 10 her 11th  birthday was coming up soon and well everything was nice, nice that was her favourite word she would be nice to everyone she met always wanted to make friends even with the meanest of people she was always still nice...

Then one day that all changed. Opal was at school in a maths class she would always get every answer right. So while she was trying to finish her maths test something odd happened. Opal began to feel twitchy, she was blinking constantly and started to get a headache. 

But eager to finish her work before anyone else she continued on with the test and finished it but not first she finished second. This was the first time this had happened Opal was slightly dare I say angry.

But who came first? Janet Strine. Normally Opal would come first and she would come second but it was different this time.

On the way home Opal began feeling quite sick she really did feel like throwing up. But that wasn't it Opal started to notice a man in a black hoodie randomly appearing and then disappearing as she walked.

Once she got home she grabbed the house key out of her school bag and unlocked the front door. Upon stepping inside the house Opal noticed a strange smell. Thinking it was just some off food she walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge.

But upon opening she found that nothing was left open, nothing was past or even close to its expiration date. Opal shrugged it off quickly as she wanted to continue reading a book she had bought not so long ago.

So she grabbed the book, sat down on her bed and began reading. She read for about 5 minutes when then she fell asleep even though she was not the singelest bit tired.

She was later on awoken by her parents Sam ( The Mother ) and Steven ( The Dad ) and her dog barking.  Her parents told her that they had found the back door was left open as well as hatch to the attic. Opal insisted that she did not leave the back door open nor the hatch to the attic. 

But seeing as nothing was stolen the parents replied 

"It was probably just the wind."

The next day at school news about Janet Strine disappearing exploded. The police were looking into it of course, all of Janet's friends were worried and all the horror and creepypasta fans were saying things like

"Oh Slenderman took her!"


"Chucky had killed her and hid her body!"

One of the main reasons about the whole chucky idea was due to Janet having an actual doll of chucky and being a big fan of the movies. How anyone could live with that doll is beyond me. But Opal was happy. 

Later on in the day Dean ( One of Janet's friends ) actually said that Opal kidnapped Janet. Opal new this was extremely false. So she tried to tell everyone that it wasn't her. She managed to convince some people, but others would not budge.

It was 3:56 pm school had ended and Opal was sitting on the couch watching Adventure Time while at the same time eating some raw meat. Disgusting I know but Opal seemed to love it. But then out of nowhere Opal fell asleep yet again.

When she awoke she found that the back door was yet again open. When she went to check the hatch to the attic it was open too. She ended up closing both the back door and the hatch. But while she was closing the hatch she could smell the same foul smell that she smelled last time, it smelled like, foul rotting flesh.

She then sat back down and then kept watching tv until her parents got home acting like nothing happened.

The next day at school Dean wasn't there he was missing, just like Janet. Over the next couple days children were starting to stay home from school. Kids that would normally walk to school or home, werent. But kids were also disappearing.

Every time Opal walked home she found herself always looking over her shoulder every single second.

But everytime Opal got home the attic hatch would always be open that same smell flying around the house. And every day when Opal got home she would always eat the same meat from the same plate from the same shelf in the fridge.

Eventually when Opal went to close the hatch to the attic she noticed that the smell was coming from the attic. She climbed into the attic but found nothing that could be causing the smell.

The police were still looking into the disappearing children, the teachers everyday were warning everyone to look out for people giving out free candy if you go into there car you know the usual warnings.

But it was one day, Opal was playing a new game she had just got. Her Dad was at work as well as the Mum, and there pet dog was curled up next to Opal. There dog began to jump onto Opal, wanting food. Opal paused the game and took the dog over to the fridge. 

Once Opal opened the fridge the dog instantly snatched the meat from the top shelf that Opal would eat everyday from the cold blue fridge. Opal got angry to angry. She grabbed the dog and then fell asleep almost instantly.

She awoke to find the dog missing almost gone from existence but the attic hatch was open but not the back door. That same foul smell coming from the attic. Opal began frantically looking for the dog, turning the house inside out.

But she couldn't find the dog, she didn't call her Mum or Dad because she was to nice to interrupt there work. 

Once the parents got home they got angry at Opal for loosing the dog. They yelled and screamed as Opal yet again fell asleep just as she kicked her Mum in the leg.

She awoke to find her parents gone. The attic hatch was open the same smell coming from attic. Opal climbed back into the attic and noticed a box that she never saw before it was open. 

Opal looked inside the box and froze into a statue like state. Opal fell back and threw up but at the same time smiling. She then scurried back down to the kitchen and quickly opened the fridge and ate the meat. Acting like she saw nothing. Repeatedly saying to herself

"Im nice, Im nice, Im nice..."

Opal then grabbed a knife from the draw in the kitchen and licked it then preceded to slowly cut off her hand. Beginning with the fingers. Screaming repeatedly but still saying

"Im nice."

About 1 hour later police arrived at Opals home with a neighbour saying that she heard screams come from the house. 

When police arrived they found several boxes in the attic all with bits of human and dog inside them. Most parts belonging to children.

When the police investigated the kitchen they found meat in the fridge on a plate, stuck to the meat was a note saying I am nice. Upon further inspection they found the meat was a human hand, who the hand belongs to is unknown.

Every one of the bodies had Opals finger prints all over them. The time of death for all the bodies were found to be during the time Opal, was asleep.


Opal has still  yet been found...

And is still out there...

Just don't make her angry...

But even If you do shes doing you a favor, being nice...

Written By: MAXMITE :)

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