I was walking down a road. The hot and dry air was making it hard to breath by now and the sun was very bright. The gun in my hand was heavy, so I threw it away some time ago. The road was one of those highways which go like forever and ever and you need a car to pass by and pick you up to survive.

I walked for hours already and was really tired. I sad down and drank the little that was left of my water - it wasn't much, but it helped me to survive. I haven't seen a car since my journey began and I doubt I will. They became very rare and it would be just my luck to have one passing by, when I am as good as dead. Wont be long.

It all began a while ago. We tried that new vaccine on a couple of marines. No, no, not what you think, they haven't began to eat our faces off or anything like this. Far more boring. The common cold. No seriously - that thing you recover from in a week? Yeah...we kind of made it resistant to everything by accident. The hilarious part is, that most people didn't took it serious until it was too late. Now it came down to survival of the fittest. Literally.

So many scenarios how the world could end, so many preparations and counter-measures...*sniff* *cough*...oh for fucks sake, of all the places, I get it under the blazing sun in a desert...well, at least I was right...a car really appeared on the horizon.

P.S. Critique is welcome, but it's my first, so don't be too harsh.

Written by EnterTheFray

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