When I woke up, everything was blue. I was in a room that was covered in this weird blue tint, as if the dawn light was shining through windows overhead. Yet when I looked up, all I saw was a sun painted in the corner of the ceiling that hurt my eyes if I stared at it directly. Whats more was the room I was occupying vacant save for myself, a table, a chair, and a burlap mask that had a face painted on it with 'Exit' written across the forehead. Cryptic, but welcome.

I took more of my surroundings in, the wall to my left showed signs of erosion. It was ravaged with rust, mold, and worm-eaten holes. The wall on my right, however, looked as though it was built from stone, iron, and pristine crystal. I was taking this in when He sat down at the table.

He was a fellow standing at 6 feet-8 inches with the face of a maggot. He drank from a cup fashioned from a doll's head the crown cut-off. I was invited to sit at chair that formed as His hand motioned. I never broke eye contact with Him, though I sensed no danger or hostility from Him, I just had this unshakable feeling that it would be in my favor if I didn't look away from those beady black eyes.

It was explained to me by the doll cup that I had stumbled into something beyond me. That, in my exploration of lucid dreaming and astral projection I had managed to get the attention of some undesirables from beyond. Apparently while I was enjoying some of what the ethereal had to offer, I had also created a way for some... unsavory beings to escape. Now, from what I understood there was one in particular that I had accidently let out. It was called 'The Ash Daughter,' and it was something foul in nature. A being that perpetuated and fed off of negative emotions. Particularly the emotional behavior found in serial killers and violent psychopaths. It created a certain perversion in those it influenced. It could create mania and cruelty in places it wouldn't normally be found.

Now as you can probably imagine, this is a lot to take in. I had just woken up and before I can get my bearings, I'm being tasked with finding some kind of psychological horror from a realm beyond the limited scope of sanity, and should I fail in tracking down this entity... Well lets say, that to these beings, infinite is but a fraction of the number ways they can punish failure...

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