4 victims went missing last night.

Names: Christian Boulvary,

Ryan Sanchez,

Tom Molly, and

Danny Fanoy.

If anyone knows anything about their disappearance contact 654-789-1122


3 people  know what happened to the disappearance of the 4 victims. this was the story. (Christian is CB81, Ryan is RS84, Tom is TM80, Danny is DF85)

--------Sep. 1st 2004--------------------------

RS84: umm hello I'm new to this

CB81: well hi!

RS84: thanks, is anyone else here?

CB81: no, most people don't get on until 4:00, it's 3:59.

RS84: ok.

TM80: wassup!

CB81: your back tom?

TM80: yeah.

CB81: where is Danny?

TM80: he will get online soon, who's RS84?

CB81: I don't know he just joined. Hey what's your name?

RS84: Ryan. And who are you?

CB81: Christian. Oh and TM80 is tom.

TM80: yeah

DF85: hi.

CB81: hi

TM80: hello

RS84: hi, and what's your name.

DF85: Danny.

CB81: he's Ryan.

RS84: anyways I got to go.

CB81: bye

DF85: see you tomorrow

TM80: bye

------------Sep. 2nd 2004----------

CB81: hi



RS84: hi

admin: hello

CB81: ugh it's admin again... I know your a admin.

admin: my username is hidden.

CB81: I know... Reveal your username!

Reenial3: there I revealed it, happy?

CB81: yes

Reenial3: I gotta go.

TM80: I'm back

CB81: finally 

RS84: yeah

TM80: who's Reenial3?

CB81: admin.

TM80: arn't names the first letter of your first name then first letter of your last name then the last two numbers of the year that you were born?

CB81: that's way to long.

DF85: what did I miss?

CB81: stuff.

DF85: k

RS84: k

CB81: Ryan why did you say "k"

RS84: I don't know XD

TM80: seriously 

-------------DF85 has disconnected------------

CB81: ?

DF85: I didn't disconnect

RS84: weird

TM80: lol

-----------Sep. 3 2004----------

TM80: hi

RS84: hello

DF85: wassup

CB81: [message was deleted]

DF85: what?

CB81: [message was deleted]

RS84: this is not funny

TM80: yeah.

CB81: [message was deleted]


CB81: [message was deleted]


CB81: [cannot see message, user was banned]

RS84: oh my god

DF85: oh my god

TM80: oh my god

-----------------CB81 has joined-------

CB81: what happened?

TM80: WTF!

RS84: it said you were banned.

CB81: but I was not even online, and I'm not banned

DF85: here is a picture [chat.jpg]

CB81: holy sh*t

------------Sep. 4 2004----------

TM80: oh my god, a guy broke into my house last night

CB81: 0_0

TM80: I'm scared because I can't find my girlfriend.

CB81: you still have a girlfriend? XD your 24 years old!

TM80: shut up.

DF85: I can't find my girlfriend too!

TM80: he has a girlfriend

CB81: he's 19.

RS84: my girlfriend is still at her apartment.

CB81: I have a wife and she's not missing

TM80: I have a headache so I got to go!

CB81: bye!

---------TM80 has disconnected--------

RS84: I'll see you all tomorrow

---------Sep. 5 2004---------

RS84: have you seen Tom or Danny?

CB81: no, they usually come online now.

RS84: hmm tomorrow then?

CB81: sure.

-------Sep. 6 2004--------

CB81: Tom and Danny still are not going online

RS84: I'm getting kind of scared.

CB81: one more day and I'll call 911

RS84: I'll contact an admin to see if they were banned.

--------Sep. 7 2004---------

RS84: did anyone ban the accounts, DF85 or TM80?

admin: no, the users do not exist.

RS84: I talked to them here is a picture [chat2.jpg]

admin: but the users don't exist, sorry about that.

CB81: how do they not exist?

RS84: I don't know!

CB81: I'm calling 911.

RS84: let's talk about it tomorrow.

CB81: ok.

------------Sep. 8 2004---------


CB81: umm what?


CB81: what's going on


-------------RS84 has disconnected----------

CB81: oh god.

-----------Sep. 9 2004--------

CB81: hello?

-----------Sep. 10 2004------

CB81: anyone?

-----------Sep. 11 2004------

CB81: oh god no! Help me!

CB81: Anyone please! Call 911!

-----------sep. 12 2004------

-----------Sep. 13 2004-----

------------Sep. 14 2004--------


This is all that is known please call I'd you know anything



The 4 were found...



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