Have you and a friend ever wondered what fast food restaurants put in your food? Have you ever wondered what they put in their products to make them taste good? If you have, then stay and find out. If not, then stop reading immediately. Now, if you are staying, let's begin.

Go to any fast food restaurant at twelve o'clock, and at the drive thru, order some food. Preferably a McDonald's, because they are open for twenty-four hours. Send your friend inside the building and tell them to hide in the bathroom. Now, when you are ordering, make sure to ask them to cook the fresh. This is the most important part because the employee will have to go get fresh meat. Now, almost immediately, dial up your friend on your phone. Tell your friend to sneak behind the counter and follow the employee. The employee will press something in order for a secret door to open up. It will be an entryway.

At this point, your friend will have to proceed with extreme caution, for if he is caught, you won’t be seeing them again. They will carefully follow the employee down a flight of stairs. At the bottom there will be a large, thick, metal door. When opened, your friend will witness countless amounts of packaged meat. He/she is to steal a package and escape from the restaurant. When they return to you in the vehicle, drive off as fast as possible, and do not stop until you have made it home.

Now, when you're both inside your home, read the labels on the package. It should say, “100% Organic Unprocessed Meat.” It should look just like ordinary hamburger meat, except it’s just a little darker than usual. Now, if you cook and eat it this meat, it will taste unlike any meat you have ever cooked. It will be rich in taste and quite possibly the best meat you have ever consumed. However, there is more you should know about fast food restaurants.

Every popular fast food restaurant has adopted a secret “trend”. The owners of the restaurants have spoken to doctors all over the world. They have cut a deal with the doctors. If the doctors obey all orders that are given to them, the restaurant owners would pay them thousands. What were the orders given to the doctors, you may ask. Let's just say, if you're an organ donor, expect to be feeding a lot of people…


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