Hello, chaoticjester256 here...I had thought of this randomly one day, the title came to me ironic? This is told from a POV, and its a mindfuck...poem pasta? Ah well, here it is...enjoy  :D


I go by one name, many know me well,

and many hold me to blame...

But am I to blame, for recklessness, stupidity, and ignorance of limits, because of my name?

No, for it's quite factual

that I occur and reoccur, in a way perfectly natural.

To the world I am known well,

by news, half-way hung flags, and the ringing of a bell.

For I am peace, release,

and to the burdens of this world I am the painless ease,

sometimes painful, sometimes peaceful.

I come in many ways, I am neither good nor evil.

You will eventually find me, I will never seek you,

the name's death, pleasure to meet you...

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