Imagine yourself lying on a stretcher not knowing where you are, who you are or what you are. You can move if you want, there are no bindings, but the drugs are too powerful... Almost hypnotic in a way. The doctor walks in. "Not the doctor", you think to yourself as he pulls out his freshly charged power saw. He begins slowly cutting away bits and pieces of your body... But you don't care... The drugs don't let you care. You sit there being slowly whittled away. The DNA re-configuration had worked. Your insides dissolve and you find yourself slowly drifting away. If only your trainer would have let you evolve (electrodes wouldn't do) the doctor wouldn't have you, a small helpless voltorb, and you wouldn't be the pokeball your trainer would purchase next.


This is the story of what all voltorbs are hard-wired with when they are... Hatched for lack of a better word. That's why through evolution of a species they have changed their chemical composition as to only be able to be converted to standard pokeballs, making them less desirable, and also raising the price of other balls exponentially. It is believed premier voltorbs still exist due to the availability of their corresponding ball, but no one is sure. Great, Ultra, and other voltorbs are chemically engineered in captivity for their use in the creation of poke balls. The only remaining Elder voltorb was made into a masterball and given to a young trainer… It's probably better that way.

My name is Grey. I was once a worker for the pokeball monopoly. Now I'm on the run.

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